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Aitor saboridor

Community manager

Community Manager responsible for the management and development of the marketing of Clonfactory, Babyclon® and especially Cristina Jobs. It is responsible for the design, maintenance and updating of web pages, catalogs, social networks and management and sales design in the production of new projects..

Roger iglesias

Roger iglesias

Administration and management of the company BabyclonAi S.L.U, owner of the Babyclon brand. Roger has extensive experience in company management and is responsible for the correct development of the company’s business functions and the organization of personnel, production and quality controls..

Eugene iglesias

He is one of the most senior workers. He is in charge of injecting the silicone into the moulds. In other words, he is in charge of the birth from the mould of all the Babyclon®, as well as the realization of the molds of all the sculptures of the mother company to which our Babyclon® brand belongs. Within the company, he carries out more technical than artistic work (making moulds, teeth, eyes, etc.)..

Christina Iglesias


Cristina Iglesias, director of the company babyclonAi S.L.U and founder of the brand Babyclon®, specialised in special effects make-up for cinema for more than 15 years. She has worked as special effects director on films such as: Loreak, Bajo la cama, Lasa Zabala and has been part of the special effects team of highly acclaimed films. She started working on the creation of silicone sculptures in 2006, taking her first steps in the film industry. Shortly afterwards, Cristina Iglesias started running her own company. With the BabyclonAi project, Cristina transferred the techniques used in cinema to the world of baby sculpture collecting, thus creating a revolution in this sector. Currently, Cristina Iglesias, is a renowned sculptor of hyperrealism in silicone, signing her works under her artistic name, Cristina Jobs. She has participated and participates in multiple group and individual exhibitions, winner of important national and international awards and recognitions.

Nancy holland


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Specializes in removing silicone joints and in the process of painting realistic sculptures He is a multidisciplinary artist, his training comes from the Fine Arts, trained in carving and sculpture. It has been with the Babyclon team® where he has acquired the specific knowledge of silicone..


She is an artist specializing in the discipline of painting. His versatility allows him to work in virtually any Babyclon® department. It is responsible for the final touch-ups of each Babyclon® and the most complicated and patented processes, such as the definitive hair or the assembly of skin on animatronic babies..


She specializes in removing silicone joints, although her ability allows her to work as an assistant in almost every department, both technical and creative. This is the latest Babyclon® sign-on..

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