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Realistic Newborn Black Baby Boy Doll You won't believe the realistic appearance of this adorable 14" baby boy doll by La Newborn! This is a top seller at JC Toys, and it's easy to see why. This all-vinyl doll features an anatomically correct designthat helps your child learn about what real babies are like. He has a movable head and movable arms and legs, so your little one can position him in a number of ways for countless hours of fun. Choose the Cutest African American Baby Doll Our "First Day" 14" Real Boy baby doll is attired in a very realistic hospital ID bracelet and an adorable, reusable blue diaper. Belly button gauze is also included. You are sure to appreciate the high-quality design of this doll, and your child will love how precious he is! By ordering from JC Toys, you're sure to get the very best deal on black baby dolls for children. Shop today and take advantage of our free shipping on all orders of $49.99 or more!Yippy! It's your Baby's First Day! Our original African American All-Vinyl Newborn Doll Celebrates your baby's First Day. He comes with a blue Diaper and hospital ID bracelet ready for you to take him home. The first day is 14" All Vinyl Anatomically Correct "Real Boy" Doll. Perfect for children ages 2+.

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Hooray. It's your Baby's First Day. Your new Real Baby Boy is finally here. African American La Newborn from JC Toys is an amazingly realistic looking doll that will make you feel like you are taking care of your own real baby. La Newborn "First Day" African American is an All Vinyl anatomically correct Real Boy baby doll. And he's made in Spain. Measuring 14" with moveable arms, legs and head, he's ready to be loved and played with. This La Newborn comes dressed in a reusable blue cloth diaper, with a realistic hospital ID bracelet, hospital belly button gauze, and his own birth certificate. Every detail is truly amazing. From newborn boy baby dolls to toddler girl dolls, you're sure to find the perfect doll from JC Toys. This doll is perfect for everyone 2+. JC Toys meets and exceeds all Toy Safety Requirements.

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