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  • 19-inch Baby Bundles "Born to Sparkle" is a 19 inch Reborn Silicone Baby made in FlexTouch Silicone Vinyl which is very soft to the touch, & SO MUCH BETTER than a pure Silicone! She has a soft & cuddly WEIGHTED cloth body for the most lifelike reborn feel when you cuddle her close to you. She has 3/4 Vinyl Arms, Full Vinyl Legs & Soft Light Blonde Faux Mohair.
  • FlexTouch Silicone Vinyl is an innovative new material that has a Silicone base to create a texture that is as soft as a Baby's bottom providing a durable, touchable, & Realistic looking skin. The arms & legs are made from pure FlexTouch Vinyl while the head is created in a remarkable 2 step process giving it the effect of delicate skin on the face. FlexTouch Vinyl is then finished by artists' hand-painting the gentle details & bringing the Baby to life.
  • A 7-piece baby doll ensemble that comes with a themed onesie, baby beanie, snuggly soft patterned blanket with bow, personalizable hospital bracelet, gift tag & birth certificate, plastic diaper, Certificate of Authenticity, & Collector's box.
  • This Realistic Baby Doll by Jannie de Lange is part of Paradise Galleries precious new BABY BUNDLES COLLECTION, a group of 6 ultra-Realistic NEWBORN Baby Dolls that look like they were literally born yesterday. This Doll is Intended for Reborn Baby Doll collectors, age 14 & up.

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